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DJ Bacara has a wide offer of various parties for you: business party, birthday party, wedding party, children´s party, Christmas party, latino party… Performance for companies, hotels, restaurants, clubs and night bars.

You have finally found who you´ve been looking for – an excelent musician, a singer, dj and especially – a showman! Igor Rumberg studied at academy of music, worked as a teacher in a state school of arts and also gained many experience thanks to his engagement in a professional music band.

In 1996 he addressed some well-known musicians and singers, the hard work started but after a short time it brought its fruits.

Do you want to have a really good time at your party? Then the genuine solution for you is a showman DJ Bacara! DJ Bacara sings and performs for listening or dancing, he warms up fun and especially has a briliant sense to create the right atmosphere, chooses the best music and the way to make all people having fun together.
Engaging DJ Bacara means that you join a group of really satisfied clients!

The proof is also his new CD „Má krásná paní“ (My beautiful lady) released in November 2010.

DJ Bacara is a singer of various music styles and genres, national or international production.

DJ Bacara performs rock´n´roll, disco music, 70 – 80 – 90´s, contemporary pop music, reggae, funky, hip-hop, traditional songs, latino music (especially salsa music) and is very good in playing percussion together with performance of group of dancers (see the video). DJ Bacara can provide a children disco party, X-mas disco, classic and traditional music.

Thanks to his language skills Mr. Rumberg can sing in Czech, English, Spanish, Slovakian, Croatian and is often recruited for foreign clients. The quality of his service is well-known among man Czech celebrities like Karel Gott, Dara Rolins, Michal David, Bára Basiková and many more (see the photogallery).

The whole programme of DJ Bacara is highly flexible and is definitively adaptable to your own needs and wishes as regards to selection of music genre or performing for listening or dancing etc.

DJ Bacara is equipped with all necessary technical and sound arrangement and also fully mobile.Video.htmlFotky/Pages/Osobnosti.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1
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